March 11, 2021 3 min read

You had put in hours into taking care of your beard, keeping it in a healthy shape and then this whole pandemic has started. At this time many states and provinces around the world has introduced the wearing mask in public places.

Waking up, going to work with a mask on for a minimum of 8 hours a day and only able to take it off to find out there is a crease line across your beard? Being a gentleman with a beard, you probably asked yourself this question. Should I keep or shave my beard?

As the mask mandates continue, there is a great number of bearded men having trouble finding the right mask that fits their lifestyle. This is when we have come up with the beard mask idea to help guys with a beard. 

Here below are 5 greatest benefits of wearing these beard friendly masks:

1. Reduce crease and dent.

Unlike regular masks that make your beard unprotected and messy, our handcrafted beard masks are specifically designed with three different sizes: 7”, 9” and 11”. With these sizes, we’ve got all beard sizes called, say bye to beard dents and creases. The more you know how frustrated when it comes to beard dent, the more you know that this is the mask you had been looking for. Our handcrafted beard mask was designed in a way so that it lays nicely on top of your beard and not putting any pressure on your beard hence after hours of wearing it, your beard style remains the same.

2. Comfy, breathable and affordable.

According to an article by Nathan Kong, WHO did a study on several materials for their breathability and filtration ability and as a result they suggested to find a mask that is comfortable, flexible, and you can breathe through it, then it is good. Also, the government of Canada recommended that non-medical face masks be made out of two-layers of fabric, and no light should be able to shine through the mask.

Constructed of cotton outer layer and polyester inner layer, these face masks are very comfortable and easy to breathe through. The 2-layers design provides breathability under low or higher temperature environment conditions such as in the offices, kitchens, and construction sites.

3. High-quality aluminum nose wire to prevent glasses from fogging

It would be very frustrating walking around with a mask that keep on sliding down your nose and on top of that it continues fog up your glasses. Therefore, we had implemented an aluminum nose wire into all of our beard masks to prevent it from sliding down the mask wearer. Especially for those who wear glasses, you will definitely love this feature.

4. Perfect fit with adjustable ear loops

Not every man has a similar size of face because this mask might be perfect for this person but it might be too large for another person. Looking for a mask that has adjustable ear loops would be a great idea as it allows you to find the best fitting for your face and also your ears will thank you later. All of our beard masks have this feature so that you don’t have to worry about this.

5. Look cool and fashionable

Of course, do not forget to be fashionable while still wearing your mask in public places. Our handcrafted beard masks not only keep you safe from others but also will give a cool and vintage look. Doesn’t matter if you're a businessman, a construction worker, a bartender or a ranger, these masks just match perfectly with your styles and make you look like a man you wanted to be.

KT Valley Co. has helped over 10,000 bearded men in North America and other countries around the world and that number quickly growing each day. Our customers are raving about our beard masks and we are confident that you will love them as well. Let us help you today in choosing your first beard masks and stay safe out there.