November 03, 2021 2 min read

There is a fact that beard growth undergoes some seasonal changes which increases dramatically in the summer, particularly in July, and is slowest in January and February, or Winter months.

An epic beard needs a Proper Beard Care Routine!!!

Winter could be particularly harsh on your face and facial hair. As much fun as a snow beard might even be, don't try it at home since the intense cold can be damaging to your beard. In a chilly and dry area, here's what you should do to keep your beard looking and feeling great:

#1: Be sure to clean your beard

  1. Wash your beard twice or three times a week using Beard Shampoo.
  2. Use warm water and avoid washing it every day to avoid stripping the natural oils.

#2: Make use of beard care products

Your winter beard care regimen must include moisturizing. To keep your beard moisturized while sleeping, you should add extra Beard Oil or even a small coating of Beard Dry Oil. This also helps to protect your facial skin from being dry and flaky.

#3: Brush and comb it

Brushing your beard keeps it in good shape and helps it maintain its shape. It aids in the distribution of essential beard oil throughout your facial mane, preserving it from winter dryness. It also increases circulation and supports healthy beard growth.

#4: Make sure to cover your precious beard!!! 🚫

Whenever it's cold outdoors, wrap your beard in a scarf and brush away the rain, snow, or ice to protect it from drying out. Ice makes your beard hair brittle and vulnerable to breaking.

#5: Give your beard a decent massage 🖤

After applying beard oils, face massage could help stimulate blood circulation and oxygen flow on your face, leading to thicker hair especially in a freezing cold season, in which it plays such a significant role.

#6: Increase your daily protein intake!!!

A healthy lifestyle is crucial for hair growth.

Hence, you might want to take protein-rich sources like eggs, vitamins to boost beard growth rate into consideration. Apart from a proper nutrition diet, quality of sleep and exercise will also help your beard grow stronger and healthier.


#7: Hunker down for winter and Stay Bearded

Even in the harsh, dry months of winter, a thorough beard care routine and high-quality beard care products may help keep your beard healthy and looking nice.

We hope that some of these suggestions may assist you in surviving another winter.

Stay warm,

KT Valley Co. Team,